Casio, One Of The Watchmakers With The Longest History

In 1946, Casio baby gshock watches was founded by Kashio Seisakujo in Mitaka, Tokyo. At the end of 1954, they already had the prototype of the first calculating electric clock , which was a revolution when it was launched.

The 1960s were marked by the expansion of the company and by the opening of its first headquarters in Europe, more specifically in the country watchmaker par excellence, Switzerland.

The following decade highlighted the permanent innovation in its research centers to astonish the world with its new models for its brilliant features.

The 80’s will be remembered the period in which each year the company launched a new watch to the market and the 90’s became the golden years of the company thanks to its enormous international expansion. Baby g shock watches for women is well designed.

These last 15 years are marked by the launch of segmented collections based on the preferences of their target customers, such as Edifice , G-Shock , Sheen or Baby-G .

Marjoya and Casio, a perfect marriage

Marjoya has been marketing casio watches for many years because we know what they are worried about having the highest quality demands in their articles to make an audience eager for new experiences.

Marjoya is an official Casio dealer because we firmly believe that Casio watches and, of course, G-Shocks are watches that when you buy them, you will not want to change your watch for any reason and you will recommend it to your friends and family.

In Marjoya we offer a series of additional services that you will like enormously, as are the ones that we detail below:

  • Personalized service throughout your purchase process through our internal chat in which you can consult any doubt that arises when you are making your purchase through our website or after your purchase.
  • It has discount between 10% and 15% in most of our articles, which is increased by another 2% if you make your payment with card on our website .
  • Possibility of engraving on the clock or jewel you want a small inscription to personalize your gift.
  • Packing with free gift wrap to surprise the people you most appreciate.
  • Possibility of returning your jewelry or watch at any time within 30 days after placing your order on our website.
  • 2 year warranty that we will manage with the manufacturer in case you have any type of problem with your article purchased on the Marjoya website.


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