How To Apply The Founation And With What Brush

Apply the base of makeup and with what instruments is a question more frequent in makeup. And it is logical, because the base of makeup is a fundamental step and a part that can shatter our look or highlight our skin in a brilliant way. So let’s learn someessential tips to learn how to apply it. In this case and although there are several types of base, we will focus on the most common, which is the fluid basis. ofra cosmetics uk products are very good an goes well in the skin.


It should not be necessary to say that a previous preparation of the skin is more than fundamental. Not only immediately before makeup, but every day without exception, makeup or makeup. The skin is cleansed and hydrated daily , and can be twice a day: morning and night.

Make up on the skin I compare it to makeup on a canvas, and it should always be clean. If the skin is not free of grease and dirt and controlled with a specific cream for each type of skin you may find yourself with an excess of fat that ruin your makeup or with a dryness that causes the skin to rise or break, for example . And we do not want our ofra cosmetics uk products to get bored by this, do not?

Only with having the skin in conditions will you get the base hold more time and make it look more beautiful. We’ll talk about how to do it later.


This is the crux of the matter , because whatever form we choose to apply the base, here are many fundamental errors.

Regardless of whether the brush we use influences the application, a common mistake is to apply an excess base that causes the skin to look recharged. I have read in blogs or seen in videotutorials people who apply the base directly on the sponge or the brush before applying it and this is something that I strongly advise against.

Obviously the world of makeup is a world relatively subjective and with different ways of doing things, but this way of applying the base I believe that leads more to error than to success, although it can be well in the hands with some dexterity. If we have the right amount and necessary for the skin to look nice we will have half the work done and we will only have to worry about blurring the product so that it reaches all the necessary areas. The mistake is to apply and apply base without control, getting the skin does not breathe and is excessively recharged. How do I do it?

– Using my hand or a tray as a palette, I apply the necessary amount of base (depending on the skin will require more or less of quantity but usually around the size of a big toenail). With your fingers or with the brush that you use, I take the product and I touch it all over the face, until I see it in full with small dots. Once this way, all the product that is in the hand or in the tray, is excess.

– Do not try to have the same amount of base throughout the face. There are areas where we need more coverage and areas where just passing the brush with something basic is enough. If your skin is beautiful, why recharge it?

– If you are one of the girls who like to look very natural skin, or you prefer that your journal base is lighter, a trick is to mix evenly base makeup and moisturizer . Use the hand or the tray to mix it with the finger or directly with the brush, and you already have a base little light, and even more moisturizing. It is a very valid advice also for very dry skin.

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