Mini Portable Amplifier

As portable amplifiers we refer to those Poweramp Full Version Unlocker that are still fit to carry in a backpack or bag but they remain a little large to carry in our pocket. Usually, thanks to their size, they are able to mount electronics that offer greater power at the expense of increasing a little of size.


FiiO A3

With this Poweramp Full Version Unlocker we started to obtain a considerable power and we move around 270mW which will allow us to move headphones of up to 150 Ohms with total solvency. We will also have at our disposal low-gain technology and gain selector that will allow us to select a low gain if we use IEMs or a high gain if we use earbuds. All this grouped in a casing constructed entirely of high quality aluminum.


FiiO E12

The jewel of the FiiO crown in regards to mini amps. This time we are in front of a top product in portable which is able to offer 880mW of power while maintaining a compact and battery-powered, which is no easy thing. Due to its high power, the ability to move headphones up to 300 Ohm impedance increases. Almost no handset on the market will resist this potent amplifier.

We also have another version of it, the E12A, which is intended for use with IEMs and in which they have managed to minimize the noise of the system at the cost of also reducing output power.

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