Recommendations For Choosing The Groom Suit

It is always said that a groom jack victor suits fits the bride and groom, and that there is no garment that makes a man more attractive than a suit. However, the greatest success of this garment is due to its correct choice. Not all men have the same physique, and therefore, the same suit does not have to suit anybody who puts it on.

Recommendations for choosing the groom suit:

In Sir Lucky we believe that it is important that you know how to choose your suit according to your body, and for this reason, today we launch a series of tips with which we are sure that you will hit the choice of your wedding gift. Are you ready? Here we go!

A wedding is a unique day and the groom as protagonist has to be perfect, to help you below we detail some recommendations for each type of physical structure:

Tall boyfriends

They usually look good any type of suit for his stylized body. It is recommended to wear a jacket with a tail.

It is important that the length of the pants is adequate, as nothing is worse than a trouser suit. They should rub against the edge of the shoe, not to see the stockings.

Short boyfriends

Incline for suits of vertical and fine lines, these will help to stylize the body creating a visual effect of more height.

Suit trousers will have to be straight and without tweezers.

The three-button jackets will also give an effect of more height.

Flee from the tails with tail or elongated design.

Corpulent boyfriends

The main tip is to lean on dark colored suits.

Also the designs with thin stripes and vertical, are ideal for people of great size. And forget about choosing the bright cloth boyfriend suit.

Slim boyfriends

You can opt for light colored suits such as gray, light blue and even white.

They can wear trousers with tweezers and cross jackets if they want, they generate more volume, but they will have no problem with that.

Beware of the pants that are tuned in the calves, the famous “chupines”, can deform the body. A slight refinement can remain elegant.

We hope these tips will be useful when choosing your wedding dress! See you soon!

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