Starting An Ebay Home Business

Successfully running an eBay home business can be challenging, but it can also be highly profitable. Note: If you are not prepared to make an investment into your eBay BUSINESS (both time and money), then I suggest you look to one of the other money making methods on this site.

However, if you are willing to sacrifice, then read on and learn how to make your home business dream a reality!

The first thing to starting up an eBay home business is to make an account on eBay. You will also need to create a PayPal account. Signing up for both of these shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, so if you haven’t made these accounts yet, then go and do so before continuing on.

Now that you have your eBay account ready, you are going to need something very important to make money, and that is a product to sell. There are two main methods to getting your product, and I will explain both on this page.

The first choice is to buy your product direct form a supplier, usually one in China. The key is to find a supplier whose price is cheaper than the going rate for that product is one eBay. This can be tricky to find that winning product, so take your time and do research before committing, because often you will have to buy at least a $1000 worth of product to get your supplier’s cheap price. Also, you must be careful to not buy from a con artist, and that’s why I suggest you sign up for SaleHoo for your eBay home business. This site reviews suppliers, dropshippers, gives you tips on how to start your eBay home business, information on how to pick the right product, and has online forums for users to help one another.

After you have bought your product you are ready to begin selling. You need to make sure your eBay page not only tells about how amazing you and your product are, but it also needs to look legitimate and honest. Also, finding the right price to charge can be tricky. Be sure to check out your competition and see what their prices are, so that way you can either meet or beat their prices.

This next method is similar to first way, but it is a little easier, but also a little less profitable. Instead of having your product shipped to your house, and then you ship it to your costumer, you can have the product shipped directly from the company to your costumer. This is known as dropshipping.

When you do this, the company will even let you say that it is your product and the costumer will never know that their purchase is not really coming from you. This is very convenient, due to you will not have to store a 100 laptops at your house, but the downside is the your dropshipper will take a small cut of your revenue, which can really impact your profit margin.

When starting an eBay home business you have many decision to make. What will your product be? What will you charge for it? Where will you buy your product? And will you choose to use dropshipping? It’s a lot of decisions you need to make, but don’t be overwhelmed! I know you can do it!

Have fun selling!

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