Types Of Bargain Beds

There are different types of bargain beds on the market:

– Spring beds: This type of beds is the oldest on the market. The quality of the same will depend on the type of spring used and its quantity. The main drawback is that the beds tends to deform with the passage of time as the baby grows. In addition they do not usually offer a good ergonomic support due to the different pressure zones of the body, causing it to sink more in some areas than in others. In northern Europe, this type of beds has been discarded for these reasons, and its use is not recommended.

  • Latex bargain beds :  There are many types of latex, but if it is of quality, it will offer the baby a good firmness. In contrast, these beds give off excessive heat causing increased sweating. This type of beds should be ventilated frequently, as it absorbs the moisture released by the body.
  • Viscollastic beds: these reduce the pressure and distribute the weight evenly throughout the surface offering a good support.
  • Beds with composites of coconut fiber: These beds can be combined with springs, viscoelastic, or latex. The main advantage is that they provide extra protection by absorbing moisture and have good perspiration. The downside is that it does not offer good support, as it does not 100% recover its form.
  • Memory Foam Beds: It is a good option as it offers superior comfort because each part of the body is supported by the beds depending on the weight, temperature and pressure exerted; Thus avoiding unnatural postures during rest. This material recovers its original shape, even if we fold the beds.

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