What Frame To Use For Sports?

When you are an athlete, it is very important to think about the glasses that we will use during each activity. Our tips will help you choose the best basketball goggles that best suit for your basketball sport.

What are sport glasses?

It is very important to choose glasses adapted to the sport, especially if you exercise regularly. Do not forget that regular glasses are for day-to-day activities.

Sports goggles for basketball should be very comfortable, be well adapted, be stable on the face and eventually worn with a cord to promote their maintenance. They must have a wide mount to have a comfortable visual field, and must be solid, to withstand blows, twists or blows.

To prevent slipping, there are silicone pads that allow better adhesion to the skin. On the other hand, the pins must be tight, for example with hooks that pass behind the ears. Finally, there is an anti-fog system, either at the level of the mount or the crystals, to preserve a good vision in times of great effort.

The choice of a frame adapted to the sport practiced

If you want to practice indoor sports, such as dancing, basketball or even skating, you should opt for light glasses that will allow you to “forget” that you wear them, with crystals resistant to shocks and allowing a wide view.

If you practice outdoor activities, such as running, cycling or football, you must carry a team that protects against glare and the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, if you practice a sport in the water, you should know that this is the case where you need to protect your eyes better with “safety” sunglasses, to have a wide field of vision and to see well Obstacles without being dazzled. Mountain sports need, in addition to well-covered glasses, polarized crystals and with maximum protection against UV rays.

Finally, when practicing regular physical activity, it may be advisable to opt for contact lenses. They have many advantages: freedom of movement, absence of risk of breakage in case of collision, improvement of the visual field and the perception of distances. Try to use the prescription basketball goggles.

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