Where To Place AdSense ?: Use Adsense Account

Hello friends! We continue with the series of articles on AdSense , and we are going to focus today to provide some ideas regarding the best locations for AdSense ads . Surely many of you have ever wondered … Where to put AdSense ? Where to place AdSense ads to get the best profit? …

Well, in this article we will try to offer some ideas and solutions to these issues, providing some guidelines related to the optimization of the places where we place advertising on our site Web.

As I always say, each one has to know how intrusive and visible he wants his advertising to be for visitors and what degree of “aggressiveness” he wants to take. This is important because the degree of ” advertising aggressiveness ” we adopt will determine a lot of factors; Profits, page views, time in the site, positioning, perception of the web by the visitor, comfort of users when browsing, … etc.

Therefore, we must find a balance that seems reasonable between the short-term economic benefit and the other factors that are affected in the event that our advertising is too intrusive, since this will undoubtedly affect our benefit. And long term .

So that you understand better what the effect and the advantages and disadvantages of an aggressive advertising strategy can be, I will illustrate it with an image.

Advertising Strategies

As we see in the image, the consequences of being too aggressive when placing our advertising, placing the ads in a place too flashy can bring serious consequences in the long term, decreasing visits, the stay of users and even our positioning in Google. In any case we must value how much is the difference of profits between one and another strategy, since if it is very high yes we will compensate to take that risk in the medium and long term since the money we win can reinvest in improving the SEO of the site or marketing campaigns, compensating for the negative aspects mentioned.

Clarifying this, and understanding that each one will appreciate the level of advertising aggressiveness you want to take, we will now see some ideas and tips on the best locations and where to place AdSense ads to gain the maximum. For this we will start from some basic concepts as to what placement and earnings AdSense ads are concerned with:

Large ads attract more attention and generate more profits than small ones.

Ads placed in such a way that they are visible without the visitor having to scroll with the mouse are more profitable.

Ads placed near the text are more profitable generally than those that are not.

The standard website ads that we can see in a multitude of sites for many years (460 x 60, 120 × 600, 250 × 250) are often easily identified as advertising and are overlooked by users.

Centered studios are more visible than those located side-by-side (sidebars).

The users’ eyes enter more in the left area than in the right, since it is where they begin to read each line.

The longer a user is on our site and the more pages they visit, the more likely they are to click on an ad.

When a user leaves our site it is better to do it by clicking on our advertising (and leaving us money) than clicking on the “X” to close the window.

I am sure that as you read the above phrases many of you have already drawn your own conclusions. In any case, let’s delve a bit more into the topic and see which sites are the best to place AdSense if what we want is to get the maximum earnings in the short term.

– AdSense ads on the homepage (home or index) of our site : In this case we must place the ads as high as possible and, if possible, be centered. Users should see advertising as soon as they enter our blog or website. The ads must be large , for example 336 × 280 or 728 × 60. In addition to this, we must place an ad (for example 160 × 600) in the sidebar or sidebar, if we have the far better left. In addition, we must show the Google search engine properly configured to show advertising ( Adsense for search ) and if it is integrated so that the results can be seen on our page much better.

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