Which hair dryer to buy?

Thanks to the Philips Hairdryer we can make wonderful hairstyles, especially on the coldest dates. In the market there is a great variety of hair dryers, from very small dryers to trips to authentic professional dryers of great power, you really must find the dryer based on the use that you are going to give and the type of hair that you have.


Sizes of hair dryers

Among all the models in the market, first of all, we must know the size we want for our dryer, think that we can be a few minutes drying our hair, so if we choose a very heavy, we probably get tired before drying or hairstyle. Remember that keeping the pulse with a dryer of 2 or more kg can be very difficult.

There is a relationship between the size of the Philips Hairdryer and its power, being the largest, the most powerful as a general rule. The brands have this in mind, with the passage of time have improved the materials in what are made, making them lighter.

We can differentiate three qualities in the dryers, on the one hand we have the Pro or Professional range, we talk about dryers for professionals, the highest and most powerful range. In second place we find the domestic dryers, which we have the great majority at home and finally the portable dryers, something very basic that gets us out of trouble on some trip or at specific times. From Pulushop we recommend the dryer Parlux 385 Light with a power of 2150 watts and the Dryer tramuntana euro still with diffuser somewhat cheaper but nothing to envy with its 2,000 watts of power


Power in Hair Dryers – Watts

When we talk about power in a dryer, we refer to its ability to generate air and heat. Undoubtedly it is the most important feature that we must first go to when choosing our dryer, its range is usually between 1,000 and 2,500 watts.

Normally the most advisable option is to choose the Philips Hairdryer of more power, this will dry our hair faster, but beware, we must be able to control that power at all times, we are not served the most powerful dryer on the market if we can not regulate it according to our Needs. In a dryer we must be able to control its power, the level of heat and the amount of air it emits.

Be very careful in case your hair is very fragile, try to avoid extreme heat and too high air speed, daily use of the hair dryer can ruin a fragile hair. A recommended power for this type of hair can be around 1,700 watts.

On the other hand take into account that the most powerful dryers, needing better materials to withstand that performance, usually have a longer useful life. This does not mean mid-range dryers if they break us in a week, but take this factor into account when choosing your dryer, as long as you can regulate power and heat, you will not be a problem.

We have to admit that hair dryers consume a lot of electricity, so you have to be careful when using them. On the one hand since if we “let it on” can get to shoot the bill of light and on the other hand can make us jump the leads if we use it while other appliances.


Cold air is important

Cold air is really useful and fundamental when it comes to making hairstyles, it is imperative that we have the option of cold air to help us to mark the hairstyle we are doing, as well as prevent the hair from retaining the heat for a long time. Today most dryers have cold air (read dryer characteristics).

How to use the hair dryer

Hair dryers can damage our hair, it is an aggressive element, it thinks it emits air at high speed and very hot, our hair is not immune to this and if we do not do it well it can be damaged, especially if we mistreat it every day.

Before starting to use the dryer we must ensure to remove as much moisture as possible from the hair with the help of a towel. Do not be the ones that start with the dryer and the hair is soaked in water, you’ll be up to three times longer using the dryer.

To help you use a good brush to comb it while you dry it, in this case, the thicker the brush is less invasive for your hair.

Finally try to dry your hair in the direction in which it always grows at a distance of 15 cm. To avoid possible damage of the dryer it is advisable to use moisturizing products and to protect your hair from extreme heat.


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