Wooden toys and toys to create stories!

The wooden construction sets for children, girls and boys, wooden toys first age or greater, it is always a multiple possibilities universe which opens to them! Bricks, planks, characters, what to dream of a world, to imagine stories and to train in unlimited adventures. They exist in all sorts, in all forms and for all ages. And the undeniable advantage of such games is that they are perennial and transmissible .

Perennes because wood is solid and also because at any age we use it (we pat with and we chew them when we are baby, we build towers around 18 months – 2 years, we transport in A truck or a stroller at 3 years, castles at 4, etc.). Transmissible because it is so good that the big brother plays with the little sister and that later the barrel of wooden bricks returns to the small children or distant cousins! If, if, believe in my experience, my firm to build wood from “when I was little,” my children love it!

Come on, we decrypt this super game together? I am sure that at the end of this article, you will be convinced that it is THE toy to have at home!

Construction toys for mounting and dismounting.

Construction and destruction are part of baby’s “basic” learning . Who has not seen a child revel in sending waltzing the tower patiently built by Dad and saying “again”?

Stacking, going in, going out, embedding , undoing, redoing and throwing … these are the movements and the learning of baby at the beginning (among many others). Then the wooden toys that allow these movements, because they are strong, are the best instruments of the development of the child . Initially, boys and girls enjoy discovering each element of early toys. And then, little by little, we stack. The simple tower made of colored and shimmering wooden cubes sees the day, quickly landed by a great stroke. Big badaboum and big bursts of laughter on the program!

Then, developing his fine motor skills and his desire to go further, your child will try out constructions and assemblies more clever: a bridge, a wall if it has only boards (such as the Kapla) or Cubes (like the pretty alphabet cubes of Janod, arranged in a beautiful wooden cart). A castle why not thanks to various elements such as cylinders, cones, planchettes and various shapes (those proposed by the Construction Game “Always higher” of the brand Selecta allow infinite possibilities).

And as he grows up, the child adds little figures, marbles, and cars. Besides, it has under the hand of universes like the Story Box Firemen of Janod (which combines wood and cardboard), the stories will be made tumultuous and impassioned (and exciting!).

And the wooden construction set to assemble and dismantle infinitely is also available in DIY elements: learn to screw, unscrew, build an airplane , learn to use tools like screwdriver or hammer. Thanks to these wooden sets designed and beautifully made, everything becomes possible!

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